BALTNET, Baltic - New England Development Network

 Goals of BALTNET

  • To encourage and expand economic development in both the Baltic Nations and New England by developing areas of commercial compatibility and to develop partnerships including not only business, but also educational institutions.
  • To be an honest broker between businesses representing companies in Baltic States and companies in New England.
  • To engage people of Baltic heritage living in USA to become active in collaboration between the Baltic States and New England in the promotion of cultural and historical interests.
  • To promote and assist trade and investments working directly with business, or in conjunction with the Lithuanian Embassy and Lithuanian Consulate in New York City and Latvian and Estonian government entities.
  • To represent companies seeking relations and business contacts.
  • To provide useful information about the market and advertisement of existing products.
  • To organize interesting activities according to business and education promotion interests.
  • To identify new opportunities in expanding collaboration between USA and Baltic States and to provide the assistance for venture capital for Baltic-American projects.
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