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Projects in Progress

  • Establishing exchanges between recently opened Medical School at Quinnipiac University and the Medical School at Vilnius University in Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • Establishing a bridge in Academic, Business and Health Care areas between the New England States and Baltic States and increasing visibility of current progress of Baltic Region via “Connecting Baltics”.
  • Establishing a Capital Sister City connection between Kaunas (Lithuania) and Hartford (CT, USA).




Baltics Business in US

US-Baltic Market Study

Conversations with US and Baltic business leaders identified a need to establish ongoing intelligence and dialogue about prioritized business opportunities in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and the United States.

This study is focusing on those sectors where revenue growth and trade offer great potential including:
•    bio-technology, bio-mass,
•    health care, medicine,
•    pharmaceutical,
•    forestry and woodworking,
•    information technology and cyber,
•    fashion and textile,
•    green technology, and others.






Upcoming Events

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US Business in Baltics

Faced with the eurozone debt crisis, a new wave of web entrepreneurs on the continent have been running to an unlikely destination - Estonia.

The small Baltic nation has defied the economic downturn and is offering fledgling companies a cheaper and less bureaucratic alternative to Western Europe. Skype is only one example of how companies can find success in the country.